The Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar is owned & maintained By Frazer Leigh Smith - +44 (0)1273 958242

 A Delicious Variety Of Seafood Treats

Checkout our new filled Fresh bread rolls 

 Homemade Crab Mayo roll

Try our delicious Crab mayo roll with a Fresh prawn topping

Fresh  Lobster roll

Fresh local Lobster with mayo, gherkin & cayenne pepper

Atlantic Prawn Roll

Fresh Atlantic Prawn roll with a touch of mayo & cayenne pepper

Atlantic Prawns

Our prawns come from the north Atlantic where the ocean is very cold .

This gives them time to grow at a much slower pace & produces a great flavour.

Luxury Seafood Salad

Our Best seller.

This is a fantastic mix of different shellfish, including octopus, king prawns & lots more.

Dressed Crab

What a great treat.

Our fresh Devon dressed crabs are pasteurised to ensure they are supplied fresh and can also be frozen.

Olive and Anchovy

How posh is this? Anchovy wrapped around an olive.

A great tasty snack with a glass of wine or just with a walk along the prom.

Fresh Mussels

Nice soft delicate shellfish. Delicious with our Homemade Shallot vinegar


Rollmops are a firm favourite here. A nice herring fillet stuffed with sweet onion.

Jellied Eels

Our jellied eels are well known for the excellent quality .

Five succulent pieces

Also available in large bowls for parties, weddings etc.


We provide what we think are the best cockles from Leigh on Sea, Essex.
They are always full of flavour & a great seaside favourite.

Marinated Octopus

A great favourite with all of our visitors.

Linda cooks the Octopus right here at work. Marinated  with red wine vinegar , amongst other herbs & flavours .

 The kids also love them

Homemade Crab & Prawn Mayonnaise

Made by Linda on the premises from fresh crab, oceansticks & mayo with a topping of fresh Atlantic prawns.

Looks & tastes great once dressed with a nice crunchy Melba toast.

Fresh Lobster Pot

Mainly a summer item, as we like to offer them when trade is brisk.

We don’t want it hanging around to ensure it is offered fresh at all times.

Fresh Smoked Salmon

Its a little different, but so are we.

 Smoked salmon on a shellfish bar ?

Why not ?

Shell-on Prawns

Shell-on prawns from the North Atlantic.

Full of flavor, ideal in a big pot to sit on the beach. Peel them & eat them and then lick your fingers.

Jersey or Carlingford Oysters

Straight from the Channel Islands or Ireland,

You will love them

Try them with our Famous Homemade Lime & Chilli Dressing

Ocean Pinks

A Prawn flavoured fish stick.

 Lovely with a little bit of our Homemade Seafood sauce

Chilli Garlic Prawns

A little taste of the Orient.

A great flavour with fresh chopped coriander.

Fresh Whelks

Another firm favourite on all shellfish bar counters.

 Served with vinegar and pepper

Ocean Sticks ( Crabsticks)

Some call it a crabstick, but it is a fish stick with crab flavoring. A great favorite with kids & adults alike. Dip it in the Homemade seafood sauce

Fresh Devon Crabmeat

A little taster from our Fresh Devon Crabs

Just enough to walk along the Prom with

Fresh Squid

A nice little nibble of succulent squid.

Try some of our Chilli & garlic sauce with this one.

Just a little though.

Marinated Anchovy

Nicely marinated flavour without the traditional saltiness.

These anchovies are full of flavour & need no additions.

Lobster Tails

This Lobster flavoured fish stick is a great big lump of flavour .

 Great with our Homemade sauces


Homemade Sauces and Condiments

We have a great range of sauces and the traditional vinegars.

Famous for our very own Lime and Chill dressing and our Homemade Shallot vinegar with a hint of strawberry.

Both are great to add to the Jersey Oysters.

Fresh Crayfish

A tasty treat , similar to prawns, but meatier & sweeter

Welcome to The Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar
I hope we have titilated your taste buds with the great variety we offer.

Gone are the days of the old style shellfish bar.

As times have changed, so have we, with a temperature controlled environment to assure you of top quality shellfish at all times . Some things however remain the same; a wide range of different shellfish and plenty of smiles all round.

The 21st century has arrived 

Welcome to The Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar

Please come & see us, directions are on our Visit Us page

The Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar is probably the oldest takeaway shellfish bar in Brighton. The bar began life some 35 plus years ago with a table on the beach, then a gazebo was added (unless the wind blew it away), until finally it moved into its current site on the beach in Brighton’s historic Fishing Quarter, which is where you will still find us today.

We hold the 5 star Award from Brighton and Hove city council for food hygiene and cleanliness and are well reported on Trip advisor.

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